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Fugue State Phases
by Milieu:

Privately commissioned in 2013, Fugue State Phases has collected digital dust for four years now. Recording sessions began with the express intent to return to the ‘classic’ Milieu sound, circa 2005-2006, following the example of albums like Slow Lid Close and Our Blue Rainbow. To do this, I went to great lengths in order to use the exact same setups and FX that I used back then, and worked for several months to attempt to get back to that very specific headspace, compositionally. I’m not absolutely certain that I succeeded in my charge, but considering how much material I create, even the distance of a year is like centuries apart, in terms of forward movement in my work. In any case, the results are quite melodic, funky and a little bent in that very specific detuned way all of the earlier Milieu music was. The astute listener will recognize certain drum breaks, bass, organ and synthesizer sounds and other ephemera that appeared all over the earlier Milieu output. A possible past, perhaps from a different Brian Grainger in a different timeline - where instead of Slow Lid Close, this might have existed in its place.

Today, I’m releasing this publicly to aid Bandcamp’s charity drive for the Transgender Law Center, on August 4, wherein they will donate 100% of their share. Some of my biggest musical influences are transgender or gender-queer artists, and their equal rights, happiness and well-being mean a lot to me. So buy a record, get some music, help me and help others in need - everybody wins.

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